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Survivors Say 177 Migrants Are Missing After a Boat Capsized Near Libya

(ROME) — Three survivors of a rubber dinghy that sank in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya say up to 117 other migrants were aboard at the time of the capsizing, a U.N. migration official said Saturday.

It appeared to be the latest tragedy on the dangerous central Mediterranean route from North Africa to Europe.

Flavio Di Giacomo of the International Organization for Migration told Italian state TV that “unfortunately about 120” migrants were reported by survivors to have been on the overloaded smugglers’ dinghy when it was launched from Libyan shores on Thursday evening.

“After a few hours, it began sinking and people began drowning,” Di Giacomo said.

Among the missing are 10 women and two children, including a two-month-old baby, he said. Survivors indicated their fellow migrants came from West African countries, including Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Gambia. Also among the missing are Sudanese migrants, Di Giacomo said.

The three survivors were plucked to safety by an It..

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President Trump Says Relations With North Korea ‘Are Going Very Well’

(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump said Saturday that “things are going very well with North Korea” and he plan a second summit with leader Kim Jong Un to try to broker a deal that would entice the North to give up its nuclear weapons.

“We’ve agreed to meet sometime probably the end of February. We’ve picked a country, but we’ll be announcing it in the future. Kim Jong Un is looking very forward to it and so am I,” the president told reporters Saturday at the White House.

The initial news of a second meeting with the reclusive North Korean leader came after Trump’s 90-minute session Friday in the Oval Office with a North Korean envoy, Kim Yong Chol, who traveled to Washington to discuss denuclearization talks.

“We have made a lot of progress as far as denuclearization is concerned and we’re talking about a lot of different things,” Trump said, adding it’s “not been reported, unfortunately, but it will be. Things are going very with North Korea.”

In May, North Korea released thre..

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52 al-Shabab Extremists Killed in U.S. Airstrike in Somalia

(JOHANNESBURG) — The U.S. military on Saturday said it had carried out its deadliest airstrike in Somalia in months, killing 52 al-Shabab extremists after a “large group” mounted an attack on Somali forces.

The U.S. Africa Command said the airstrike occurred near Jilib in Middle Juba region. There were no reports of Americans killed or wounded.

The U.S. statement did not say whether any Somali forces were killed or wounded by the al-Qaida-linked extremists. Al-Shabab via its Shahada news agency asserted that its attack on two Somali army bases killed at least 41 soldiers. It described the location as the Bar Sanjuni area near the port city of Kismayo.

There was no immediate comment from Somalia’s government.

In neighboring Ethiopia, state television cited the defense ministry as saying more than 60 al-Shabab fighters had been killed and that four vehicles loaded with explosives had been “destroyed.” Ethiopia contributes troops to a multinational African Union peacekeeping mission i..

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Airstrike in Last IS Controlled Area in Syria Killed At Least 20 People

(BEIRUT) — An airstrike hit people trying to flee the last area controlled by the Islamic State group in eastern Syria Friday, killing at least 20 including children, opposition activists and the country’s state media reported.

The airstrike on the IS-held village of Baghouz comes as the offensive against the extremists by U.S.-backed fighters of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces has intensified over the past weeks. It also comes as the U.S. has announced that the process of American troop withdrawal from Syria has begun.

Thousands of civilians have fled over the past months from the area near the Iraqi border as IS has been steadily losing ground.

State news agency SANA said 20 people were killed in the airstrike on Baghouz, while the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 23 people were killed including 10 IS members.

They both blamed the U.S.-led coalition that has been providing air cover to the SDF in their monthslong offensive to capture the area from t..

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ISIS Is Still Active in Iraq, Syria and Beyond. This Is What the Threat Looks Like Now

It had always seemed an unlikely boast. But the ISIS-claimed terror attack that killed four U.S. troops in the northern Syrian town of Manbij this week proved the hollowness of U.S. President Donald Trump’s repeated claims of victory over the militant network in Syria and Iraq.

“We have won,” said Trump on Twitter Dec. 19, days after a phone call with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in which he unexpectedly agreed to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria. Vice President Mike Pence doubled down on Trump’s victory claims this Wednesday, the same day the U.S. military confirmed American soldiers were among those killed in the Manbij blast. ISIS “has been defeated,” he said in a speech at the State Department, adding that the “caliphate has crumbled.”

Read more: A Deadly Suicide Blast in Syria Shows the Battle Against ISIS Is Far From Over

While territorial losses have struck at the heart of the Islamic State, the jihadi group’s fighters are far from a spent force. “It would be reckle..

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6 Suspects Appeared in Kenyan Court for Helping in Nairobi Attack

(NAIROBI, Kenya) — A Canadian national and five other people suspected of helping extremist gunmen stage a deadly attack in the Kenyan capital this week appeared in court on Friday as prosecutors investigated them for suspected terror offenses.

A judge ordered five of the suspects held for 30 days while authorities look into the assault on the dusitD2 hotel complex that was carried out by al-Shabab, a group that is linked to al-Qaida and based in neighboring Somalia.

Kenyan authorities say 21 people, including one police officer, were killed by the attackers, one of whom blew himself up beside a restaurant. Another four gunmen died.

Prosecutors suspect the alleged accomplices, including two taxi drivers and an agent for a mobile phone-based money service, of “aiding and abetting” the attackers who stormed the Nairobi complex on Tuesday afternoon and were killed by Wednesday morning, according to a court document. Prosecutors said they were pursuing more suspects in and outside Kenya..

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President Trump to Hold Second Summit With North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump will hold a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to try to broker a deal to coax the North to give up its nuclear program, the White House announced Friday.News of a second meeting with the reclusive North Korean leader came after Trump met at the White House for 90 minutes with a North Korean envoy, Kim Yong Chol, who had traveled to Washington to discuss denuclearization talks. Trump and Kim Jong Un are to meet near the end of February.”The president looks forward to meeting with Chairman Kim at a place to be announced at a later date,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Trump had his first, historic meeting with Kim Jong Un in June in Singapore, but little tangible progress has been made on a vague denuclearization agreement crafted at that summit. No details have been released about how denuclearization could occur.

The North Korean emissary met earlier with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a Washington hot..

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Malaysia Tells Goldman Sachs to Pay Compensation Instead of Apologizing

(PUTRAYAJAYA, Malaysia) — Malaysia’s Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said Friday that an apology by Goldman Sachs for its role in the alleged multibillion-dollar ransacking of state investment fund 1MDB was insufficient and that it must pay $7.5 billion as compensation.

Goldman CEO David Solomon apologized Wednesday to the Malaysian people for former banker Tim Leissner’s role in arranging bond sales for 1MDB. They provided a means for associates of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak to allegedly steal billions over several years from the fund.

Solomon has said the investment bank conducted due diligence but was misled by Leissner and former Malaysian government officials.

“That’s insufficient, necessary but not sufficient,” said Lim. “Apology with $7.5 billion is what matters … there has to be accountability.”

The 1MDB fund was set up for economic development by Najib when he took office in 2009. It instead accumulated billions in debt and is being investigated in the U.S. ..

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Zimbabwe Imposes Another ‘Total Internet Shutdown’ as Fuel Price Hikes Stoke Unrest

(HARARE, Zimbabwe) — Zimbabwe’s government has again forced a “total internet shutdown,” a media group says, after a days-long violent crackdown on people protesting dramatic fuel price increases.

MISA-Zimbabwe shared a text message from the country’s largest telecom company, Econet, calling the government order “beyond our reasonable control.” The shutdown faces a court challenge from the group and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

On Friday, a prominent pastor and activist who faces a possible 20 years in prison on a subversion charge arrived at court, one of more than 600 people arrested this week. Evan Mawarire calls it “heartbreaking” to see the new government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa acting like that of former leader Robert Mugabe.

Mawarire is accused of inciting civil disobedience online. “It’s a shame what’s happening,” the handcuffed pastor said Friday.

“Our country is going through one of the most trying periods in its history,” the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conf..

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Zimbabwe’s Activist Pastor Faces 20 Years in Prison as Fuel Protests Rage. Here’s What to Know

A prominent pastor and political activist in Zimbabwe is back behind bars amid fuel protests that have tipped the country’s new government into crisis.

Evan Mawarire was arrested Wednesday as security forces armed with AK-47 rifles violently reimposed order. Hundreds of protesters were rounded up for demonstrating against new fuel prices. Government officials have likened the demonstrations to “terrorism” and blamed “coordinated” opposition groups for setting off the unrest.

Mawarire, who has supported the fuel protests, appeared in court on Friday to face charges of subversion and “encouraging civil disobedience” that could see him imprisoned for up to 20 years. Here’s what to know:

Who is Evan Mawarire?
The 41-year-old became a national figure in 2016 when he launched the #ThisFlag campaign against the country’s former leader, strongman Robert Mugabe. Mugabe, 94, was the country’s first post-independence leader, and his 37-year reign was marked by corruption and brutality. It also..

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Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi Is Back After Announcing His Candidacy for European Parliament

(ROME) — Silvio Berlusconi is back. Again.

The three-time Italian premier, who has made a career out of rebounding from legal woes, personal scandal, heart trouble and political setbacks, is running for the European Parliament in May elections.

The 82-year-old Berlusconi announced his candidacy with his center-right Forza Italia party Thursday in Sardinia. He said he wanted to “bring my voice to a Europe that should change, a Europe that has lost profound thinking about the world.”

Berlusconi had been barred from running for public office for nearly five years due to a tax fraud conviction. Citing his good conduct, a court last year ruled that he could once again run.

Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, which dominated Italian politics for a quarter-century, is now polling in single digits behind the two parties in western Europe’s first populist government, the right-wing League and the anti-establishment 5-Stars, as well as the center-left Democratic Party.

Berlusconi stressed in his fir..

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A Star-Studded Soccer Game Was Saudi Arabia’s Latest Attempt to ‘Sportswash’ Rights Abuses. It Didn’t Work

A headed goal from soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo propelled Juventus to 1–0 victory over rivals AC Milan in the Supercoppa Italiana (Italian Super Cup) Wednesday, but the reluctance of the sport’s top players and clubs to speak out against Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses has prompted accusations they are complicit in ‘sportswashing’ for the Gulf state.

The game took place at Saudi Arabia’s 62,000-capacity King Abdullah Stadium, where a fan-zone featured mock gondoliers and Venetian bridges, soccer stars posed for pre-match photos in traditional Saudi headdresses and fans in the bleachers held aloft cardboard cutouts of the Kingdom’s ruling monarchs. But back in Italy, state broadcaster RAI’s journalists union accused Italy’s elite Serie A league of helping gloss over Riyadh’s strict gender segregation laws, the brutal war in Yemen, and crackdowns on dissident voices – including the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

The $8 million that Saudi Arabia is ..

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    Le recensement à Châteaubriant, c'est chaque année. L’INSEE, en partenariat avec la Ville de Châteaubriant, procède à l'enquête de recensement entre le vendredi 18 janvier et le 19 février. Cela permet un comptage précis de la population. Les chiffres tombés récemment nous rappelle que la ville de Châteaubriant est moins attractive.  Châteaubriant perd des habitants […]
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    Après avoir reconstruit le pont de la Courberie, le Département rouvre la RD46 à la circulation routière à partir du vendredi 21 décembre Dans la nuit du 11 au 12 juin dernier, le pont de la Courberie situé à Saint-Vincent-des-Landes, sur la route départementale 46, a été victime des précipitations exceptionnelles enregistrées en Loire-Atlantique. Le […]
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    Derby Rennes-Nantes, un arrêté préfectoral limite la liberté d’aller et venir à Rennes des supporters du Football Club de Nantes à l’occasion du derby Rennes-Nantes, mercredi 19 décembre 2018. A l’occasion du derby Rennes-Nantes qui se disputera mercredi 19 décembre à 21h05 au Roazhon Park à Rennes, et compte tenu du risque avéré de troubles […]