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A Father and Son Were the First to Be Buried After the New Zealand Mosque Shootings

(CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand) — A father and son who fled the civil war in Syria for “the safest country in the world” were buried before hundreds of mourners Wednesday, the first funerals for victims of shootings at two mosques in New Zealand that horrified a nation known for being welcoming and diverse.

The funerals of Khalid Mustafa, 44, and Hamza Mustafa, 15, came five days after a white supremacist methodically gunned down 50 worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch — a massacre that he broadcast live on Facebook.

Hamza’s high school principal described the student as compassionate and hard-working, and said he was an excellent horse rider who aspired to be a veterinarian.

Those present included Hamza’s younger brother, 13-year-old Zaed, who was wounded in an arm and a leg. The boy tried to stand during the ceremony but had to sit back into his wheelchair, one mourner said.

“We tried to not shake his hand, and not touch his hand or his foot but he refused, he wanted to shake e..

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An Off-Duty Pilot Reportedly Saved Lion Air’s Doomed 737 on Its Next-to-Last Flight

As the Lion Air crew fought to control their diving Boeing Co. 737 Max 8, they got help from an unexpected source: an off-duty pilot who happened to be riding in the cockpit.

That extra pilot, who was seated in the cockpit jumpseat, correctly diagnosed the problem and told the crew how to disable a malfunctioning flight-control system and save the plane, according to two people familiar with Indonesia’s investigation.

The next day, under command of a different crew facing what investigators said was an identical malfunction, the jetliner crashed into the Java Sea killing all 189 aboard.

The previously undisclosed detail on the earlier Lion Air flight represents a new clue in the mystery of how some 737 Max pilots faced with the malfunction have been able to avert disaster while the others lost control of their planes and crashed. The presence of a third pilot in the cockpit wasn’t contained in Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee’s Nov. 28 report on the crash and has..

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Facebook Says No One Flagged New Zealand Mosque Shooting During Live Broadcast

(LONDON) — Facebook says none of the 200 or so people who watched live video of the New Zealand mosque shooting flagged it to moderators, underlining the challenge tech companies face in policing violent or disturbing content in real time.

The social media giant released new details about its response to the video in a blog post. It said the gunman’s live 17-minute broadcast was viewed fewer than 200 times and the first user report didn’t come in until 12 minutes after it ended. Fifty people were killed at two mosques in Christchurch.

Facebook removed the video “within minutes'” of being notified by police, said Chris Sonderby, Facebook’s deputy general counsel.

“No users reported the video during the live broadcast,” and it was watched about 4,000 times in total before being taken down, Sonderby said. “We continue to work around the clock to prevent this content from appearing on our site, using a combination of technology and people.”

Facebook has previously said that in the..

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Ask Your Questions About TIME’s Magazine Covers in a Reddit AMA With Creative Director D.W. Pine

Since 1923, TIME’s magazine covers have featured individuals, topics and events that have had considerable impact on the world around us. Framed by that recognizable red border, the covers have often driven national and global conversations.
And they have taken on a whole new level of visibility in the age of social media, being shared widely online in addition to their distribution in print. D.W. Pine, TIME’s creative director since 2010, designs and produces the covers every week. Under his direction, TIME’s Christine Blasey Ford cover recently won the American Society of Magazine Editors’ 2019 Cover of the Year. Pine was also named as one of Artsy’s “25 People Who Defined Visual Culture in 2018.”
Over the past year, TIME’s covers have highlighted the stories of communities fighting for change — from underpaid teachers in America to grieving parents of school shooting victims. They’ve featured breakthroughs in the entertainment industry, including Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asia..

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Honored New Zealand Victims in an Unexpected Way

The terror attack on a mosque in Christchurch may have occurred thousands of miles away, but Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made sure to honor the 50 victims of the tragedy back in the United Kingdom on Tuesday by visiting New Zealand House in London and paying their respects.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a surprise visit to the building, which houses the High Commission of New Zealand, the New Zealand consulate in London and a military attaché. Once arrived, the royal pair were photographed signing a book of condolences on behalf of the royal family and laying down bouquets of flowers.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed the Book of Condolence @NZinUK, opened following the terrorist attacks in Christchurch.

The Duke and Duchess signed the book on behalf of the @RoyalFamily — Their Royal Highnesses visited New Zealand in October 2018.

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) March 19, 2019

Markle and Prince Harry were just in New Zealand in fall 2..

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Venezuelan Opposition Take Over Diplomatic Offices in the U.S.

Representatives of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó said Monday they had seized three diplomatic properties in the U.S. previously used by the government of President Nicolás Maduro, as the two men continue their tug of war over the South American country.

Carlos Vecchio, Guaidó’s main envoy in the U.S, told reporters in Washington that they had taken control of two defense buildings in the city and one consular building in New York, adding that they expected to take over the Venezuelan embassy in Washington “in the coming days.”

Guaidó has been locked in a stand-off with Maduro since January 23, when he launched a claim on the presidency, saying Maduro’s second term, won in rigged elections last year amid a sprawling economic, political and humanitarian crisis, is illegitimate. Guaidó’s supporters say that, as head of Venezuela’s parliament, the constitution mandates that he take charge if there is a power vacuum in Venezuela. More than 50 countries, including the U.S., have..

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Huge Floods Endanger Thousands in Mozambique After Cyclone

(JOHANNESBURG) — Rapidly rising floodwaters have created “an inland ocean” in Mozambique endangering scores of thousands of families, as aid organizations scramble to rescue and provide food to survivors of Cyclone Idai.

Mozambique’s swollen rivers have already flooded huge expanses of the country and continued rains are causing the waters to rise, endangering people on rooftops and clinging to treetops, said emergency workers.

“This is a major humanitarian emergency that is getting bigger by the hour,” said Herve Verhoosel of the World Food Program on Tuesday. Large numbers of people are “crammed on rooftops and elevated patches of land outside the port city of Beira” and WFP is rescuing as many as possible and providing airdrops of food, water and blankets, he said.

Mozambique’s Pungue and Buzi rivers have overflowed, creating “inland oceans extending for miles and miles in all directions,” said Verhoosel. Central Mozambique faces further flooding as dams have reached 95 percent t..

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Japanese Olympic Committee President Resigns Amid Vote-Buying Scandal Tied to 2020 Tokyo Games

(TOKYO) — Tsunekazu Takeda is stepping down as the president of the Japanese Olympic Committee amid a vote-buying scandal that French investigators suspect helped Tokyo land next year’s Olympics.

Takeda announced Tuesday at the committee’s executive board meeting that he will resign when his term ends in June, and he again denied corruption allegations against him.

The 71-year-old Takeda is also a powerful International Olympic Committee member and the head of its marketing commission. When he resigns, he will lose the IOC membership which is tied to his JOC presidency.

The scandal, which French authorities have been investigating for several years, has cast a long shadow over the Tokyo Olympics and underlines flawed efforts by the IOC to clean up its bidding process. Japan is spending at least $20 billion to organize the games, which open on July 24, 2020.

“I have not done anything wrong,” he said. “I will continue to do my best to clear my name.”

He said it was his own decision,..

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88 Pounds of Plastic Were Found Inside a Dead Whale in the Philippines

A whale that washed ashore in a coastal Philippines province was revealed to have 88 pounds of plastic trash inside its body, New York Times reports.

The 1,100-pound whale, found Saturday in the town of Mabini, had more than 40 pounds of plastic bags inside its stomach. D’Bone Collector Museum, a nonprofit organization that aims to retrieve and preserve wildlife, identified the mammal as a male curvier beaked whale in a Facebook post.

“This whale had the most plastic we have ever seen in a whale. It’s disgusting,” the post read.

The museum added that they also found 16 rice sacks, four banana plantation-style bags and multiple shopping bags during the necropsy.

“The plastic in some areas was so compact it was almost becoming calcified, almost like a solid brick,” Darrell Blatchley, president of the museum, told the Times.

In April 2018, a 33-foot sperm whale was found dead on a Spanish beach with more than 60 pounds of garbage in its digestive system, and a few months later, in Ju..

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‘You Won’t Hear Me Speak His Name.’ Jacinda Ardern Says She Won’t Provide a Platform for Christchurch Killer

(CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand) — New Zealand’s prime minister declared Tuesday she would do everything in her power to deny the accused mosque gunman a platform for elevating his white supremacist views, after the man dismissed his lawyer and opted to represent himself at his trial in the killings of 50 people.

“I agree that it is absolutely something that we need to acknowledge, and do what we can to prevent the notoriety that this individual seeks,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters. “He obviously had a range of reasons for committing this atrocious terrorist attack. Lifting his profile was one of them. And that’s something that we can absolutely deny him.”

She demurred about whether she wanted the trial to occur behind closed doors, saying that was not her decision to make.

“One thing I can assure you — you won’t hear me speak his name,” she said.

Later, in a passionate speech to Parliament, she urged the public to follow her lead and to avoid giving the gunman the fame ..

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An Orangutan Mother Was Blinded After Being Shot 74 Times With an Air Gun in Indonesia

(SIBOLANGIT, Indonesia) — An orangutan mother has been blinded after being shot with at least 74 air gun pellets on Indonesia’s Sumatra island, where threats to the endangered species have increased as the palm oil and paper industries shrink its jungle habitat.

An X-ray showed at least 74 air gun pellets in her body, including four in her left eye and two in the right, said veterinarian Yenny Saraswati with the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program.

The great ape, named “Hope” by her rescuers, also had several wounds believed to have been caused by sharp objects, she said Monday. Hope also was recovering from surgery to repair a broken collarbone.

Villagers spotted the severely wounded orangutan in a farm in Aceh province’s Subulussalam district last week with her month-old baby, which was critically malnourished, said Sapto Aji Prabowo, who heads the Aceh provincial conservation agency.

The baby died as rescuers rushed the pair to a clinic in neighboring North Sumatra province’..

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France’s Prime Minister Bans Yellow Vest Protests on Paris’ Champs-Elysees and in Other French Cities

(PARIS) — France’s prime minister has announced a ban on yellow vest protests on Paris’ Champs-Elysees avenue and in two other French cities following riots on Saturday that left luxury stores ransacked and charred from arson fires.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the ban would apply for an unspecified period in the neighborhoods that have been “the most impacted” in the cities of Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse where repeated destruction has occurred since the yellow vest protest movement began in November.

Philippe announced new security measures Monday following a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and top security officials aimed at avoiding a repeat of Saturday’s violence, in which rioters set life-threatening fires, ransacked luxury stores and attacked police around the Champs-Elysees.

He also said Paris police chief Michel Delpuech will be replaced this week by prefect Didier Lallement.

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